Puglia, with its enchanting coastal region and rich cultural heritage, is experiencing significant growth as a tourist destination. Recent data released by Aeroporti di Puglia underscores the increase in arrivals and presences, while Bari, the region’s capital, is emerging as one of the most desirable cities for visitors. In this article, we will explore the growth of Bari and Puglia as tourist destinations, highlighting the opportunities these destinations offer travelers.

Puglia: a region in steady growth According to data provided by Aeroporti di Puglia, the region has recorded a 3.4 percent increase in tourist arrivals and a 2 percent increase in presences over the last period. These numbers testify to Puglia’s increasing attractiveness to visitors. From the picturesque beaches of Salento to the charming white towns of Ostuni and Alberobello, the region offers a unique mix of natural beauty, culinary traditions and authentic hospitality.

Bari: the pearl of the Adriatic Bari, the port city overlooking the Adriatic, is emerging as one of the most attractive destinations on the Italian tourism scene. With a growth of 3.4 percent in arrivals and 2.4 percent in presences, Bari is confirmed as a popular destination for visitors. The city offers a rich history, from its ancient quarters such as Bari Vecchia with the majestic Basilica of St. Nicholas, to the modernity of the Nazario Sauro waterfront with its lively atmosphere. Bari is also an ideal starting point for exploring other Apulian wonders, such as the Itria Valley, the beaches of Polignano a Mare, and the Castellana Caves.

An opportunity not to be missed The tourism growth of Puglia and Bari represents a unique opportunity for travelers to discover an authentic corner of Italy. Natural beauty, cultural richness and delicious cuisine make Puglia a fascinating destination for all tastes. Visitors can enjoy the crystal clear sea, explore enchanting historic villages and savor unique culinary delights. In addition, increased flights and services offered by Puglia’s airports make it easier to access the region, making travel even more convenient.


The growth of Bari and Puglia as tourist destinations presents an unmissable opportunity for travelers seeking authenticity, beauty and unforgettable experiences. From coastal cities to picturesque countryside, Puglia offers a variety of attractions that will satisfy all tastes. Take part in this growth and plan your trip to the beautiful region of Puglia, discovering the magic of Bari and the enchantment of Puglia.

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